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How to prevent and treat blisters naturally

Posted by Brigit True Organics on

While shoveling snow during last week-end's snow storm, my hands got red and irritated, wanting to develop blisters.

However, having Brigit True remedies on hand I could avoid pain and blisters keeping my hands in good shape for more days of shoveling.


I wanted to pass on some easy self-help techniques for your next snow storm or even for your next gardening-rush:


- Blisters can occur from unusual and repetitive activity or friction in places where the skin did not develop calluses yet, such as shoveling snow, gardening, running while wearing ill-fitting shoes.

- you may also get a blister from a sunburn or other types of burn.

- blistering is a natural and protective response of the body to the irritation. The skin forms a liquid filled pocket that acts like a buffer, protecting the underlaying tissue.

- the liquid inside a blister helps protect the tissue and should not be drained or otherwise disturbed. It greatly aids in the natural healing process.

- If possible, avoid getting a blister in the first place by protecting your hands or feet with gloves or a band aid before it blisters. If you can catch it early, the spot might be irritated, hot and red first. Listen to the first signs. If you can stop your activity at this point, great. Apply a cooling compress first and then our Magic skin balm and you will avoid the blister. The Magic balm will ease the burn and irritation and heal any small cuts the skin sustained.

- If you can't stop, try and protect the irritated area by wearing gloves or rearranging your socks or using a band aid as an additional buffer over the area. It sounds simple but may not come to mind when you are already hot shoveling snow or need to finish your hike.



To heal a blister, clean the skin with soap and water and pad dry. If the area feels hot and irritated, use a cold compress for 10-30 minutes to ease the discomfort. Avoid using alcohol or essential oils on the irritation since those can add to the burning. Instead apply a thick layer of our Magic Skin Balm or Magic Oil to the area. The skin healing herbs in Magic will quickly ease the irritation. Apply more oil or balm keeping the irritation continuously moisturized - and be amazed how fast you forget about these tender spots!


Because skin is a living organ and quite smart, within a few days it will start growing thicker skin in those areas preparing itself to withstand more pressure in the future. The next gardening session, snow storm or hike can be mastered with less problems.




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