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Ingredient knowledge: St. John's Wort, Not only for depression

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Hardy and attractive, St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) is a common meadowland plant that has been used as a medicine for centuries. In the pre-modern medical era, St. John’s wort was used for treating wounds, burns and infections and for its power as a painkiller. Hippocrates and Pliny recorded the medicinal uses of St. John’s wort, early European and Slavic manuscripts prescribe it, and Native American tribes are known to have used it.
Ancient herbalists recommended mixing the flower extract with cornstarch to be applied to inflamed or burned areas. Sixteenth-century herbalist Culpepper recommended an oil-based St. John’s wort ointment to rub on swellings and burns. Cherokee Indians used the mucilage from the leaves as an anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic ointment to treat bruises and burns. Europeans prepared a tincture of flowers and leaves to be taken in wine as an antibiotic and to relieve inflammations, bacterial, viral and depressive problems.
Although nowadays best known as an herbal alternative to prescription anti-depressants, St. John’s Wort’s traditional topical usage has now been scientifically researched. Testing has confirmed that St. John’s Wort is an effective treatment for eczema and other skin conditions, decreasing inflammation, killing bacteria, and promoting wound healing.
- According to PDR Health, St John’s Wort decreases inflammation and kills bacteria .
- A study by the University of Rome in 2001 shows efficacy in tissue regeneration of surgical wounds in childbirth with caesarean section.
- A study by the University of Freiburg in 2003
demonstrates superior antibacterial activity in treatment of dermatitis (eczema, rashes).

At Brigit True Organics we love to use St. John’s wort oil. We extract its powerful healing properties from the best quality certified organic St. John’s wort herb. Our extractions are all done in house in the true herbalist ways guaranteeing consistent quality and resulting in the highest healing ability.

Products formulated with St. John’s wort oil:
-Baby Bottom Balm, a gentle formulation created to prevent and sooth skin irritation and rashes.
-Mom’s Belly Balm and Mom’s Belly Oils speed up the renewal of skin cells to help prevent stretch marks. It also calms itchy skin some expectant mothers experience.
-Magic Skin Balm and Magic Oil: Cuts, bruises, bites, eczema, psoriasis, assists regeneration and also soothes itching and burning


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