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The Two Brigit’s Behind Brigit True Organics

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At Brigit True Organics we often get asked the same question…who is the Brigit behind Brigit True Organics that is responsible for these remarkable products? In response, the answer is two-fold.

Brigit True Organics is named after the Celtic goddess Brigit, sometimes alternatively spelled Brigid, Bridget, even Brigantia. Brigit was honored by the ancient Irish people as the patron of poetry, smithcraft and healing. As a solar deity she promotes finding one’s inner light and sustaining energies.

Now for part zwei, the real Brigit behind the line happens to be another variation on the name. Our founder Brigitte Rau, a German-born and trained herbalist, started Brigit True Organics in Charlottesville, VA in 2001. She was dismayed to find that there was no affordable body care available to her without cheap fillers, hurtful chemicals or imposter fragrances.

So Brigitte used her herbalist training and old-world recipes to create an organic olive oil based skin care line with a mission in mind: to use only the purest ingredients and herbal essences available, all the while reducing her impact on the environment. The result was a line of heavenly products that truly takes us back to nature and to our inner light and beauty.

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