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We are now NOP certified organic!

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Happy Spring!
We have been busy over the winter. And like the spring bulbs we can now show the blossoms of our work:
  • we are now NOP certified organic
  • we updated the products with beautiful new labels

    We just posted the new items online for you to check out.
    For more information or to download our Newsletter click here:  Spring 2016 Newsletter


    Our press release: For immediate release, Organic Soaps and Balm LLC awarded organic certification, Charlottesville, VA

    Organic Soaps And Balm LLC, a Charlottesville-based, woman-owned manufacturer of organic olive oil based skincare products, was recently awarded certification as a USDA National Organic Program (NOP) certified organic handler and producer. 

    To achieve the certification, Organic Soaps And Balms passed a stringent audit by Oregon Tilth Certified organic (OTCO), qualifying in all areas, including sourcing, formulation and production procedures,  sanitizing and cleaning processes, tracking of all in-and outgoing products.


    “As the formulator, my primary goal has always been to find the purest materials and highest quality organic ingredients available”, said Organic Soaps and Balms co-owner and founding partner, Brigitte Rau. “We have followed organic practices since we began in 2001, and are grateful for our loyal customers who appreciate our commitment to quality and purity standards.”  

    Certified organic skin care can carry the green NOP seal, which is well-recognized from the organic food aisles. All organic processed products, from food to beverages to body care, go through the same rigorous certification process, regardless of whether they will be ingested or applied to the body.  This process assures the consumer that all organic products contain no synthetic toxins, pesticides/herbicides, or genetically modified organisms (gmo), and are free from synthetic preservatives, colors, and artificial flavors. 

    “When we started in 2001, organic body care was a niche market”, said Rau.  “Now that all mainstream cosmetic companies want a piece of the eco-market, the integrity of organic is being clouded by fake seals and hollow marketing phrases that deceive consumers. By going through the certification process, we are recognized as one of the very few true organic body care producers.

    We continue to offer healthy, synthetic-free products for the whole family, with special focus on people with allergies. By avoiding even natural ingredients that can cause allergies like tree-nuts, peanuts, gluten, and soy, we created a specialty line of skincare products that have created grateful and dedicated customers, all over the world.”


    Because Organic certification began with food production, most organic operations today are farms and food handlers, but other producers are also listed.  According to the United States Department of Agriculture's Integrity Database, there are 233 certified organic operations in the Commonwealth of Virginia, of which only 3 are skin care companies.  In Maryland, only 4 of 162 certified operations are skin care producers, and in the District of Columbia, there are only 5 certified operations, none of which make skin care products.  

    Brigitte Rau touches deeper on the company's mission: “Our philosophy goes beyond product. We understand that we are part of a global community, that there are consequences for our every action. By using organic ingredients we reduce our 'footprint' on the environment, and by supporting sustainable agriculture and green production methods, we join a growing movement of people and companies committed to putting Earth first.”


    About Brigit True Organics:  

    Brigit True Organics (BTO) is a skin care company based in Charlottesville Virginia. We offer a complete line of natural body care crafted freshly, in-house with herbal formulations that reflect both scientific research and traditional healing wisdom. All of BTO's products are 100% Natural and 81% - 99% Organic, using the highest quality ingredients: organic virgin olive oil, organic herbs, and organic plant essences. We do not use any tree nut oils and we are of course cruelty free. For maximum support and protection of delicate skin BTO uses food grade ingredients wherever possible, making all of our products edible. We never resort to mineral oil, fillers, artificial scents, parabens, synthetic preservatives, or chemical colorings.


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