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How does NEartha work?

NEartha rocks because you rock!

NEartha is an online Craft Fair, it is a catalog platform that connects crafters, artists and hobbyists with their customers. 

-->  Artists present their story and show their art. 
-->  Customers search and find unique handmade, soulful and eco-friendly treasures.


    We all care deeply for the well-being of Mother Earth and all her diverse inhabitants. NEartha products are curated with Mother Earth in mind, our items are:

    handmade, socially responsible, eco-friendly, supportive of developing countries and artists with disabilities/challenges, climate friendly, ...


    Because we are just starting out, this Platform does not yet have a shopping cart. However ... 

    --  you are able to search for, browse and discover unique items, and you can do it from the safety and comfort of your home.

    --  you can easily keep track of all the items you like by putting them on your wishlist so you can go back to them later. You can even add a note to your wishlist.

    --  To purchase items, you contact the artist directly via our easy contact button. You can discuss availability, delivery and payment options, possible customisation, etc. directly with the artists. Some might even be near you and no shipping is necessary. SHOP LOCAL!


    Are you a crafter or an artist? Would you like to be part of our good family? 
    We'd love to have you.      :-)
    Click HERE  to learn more and join as  a seller .



    Because of the urgency of the Corona pandemic, where all arts and crafts people lost their Holiday bazaars, we decided to open up NEartha quickly, even without the eCommerce functionality. However ... 

    --  New functionality will frequently be added to the platform.

    -- There will be a shopping cart and electronic payment options available soon.

    -- We will continuously add new artists and items with the highest level of quality, social responsibility and integrity. 

    So, check back often!