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From one crafter in support of ALL my fellow artists:


NEartha (nûrth-ə)    launches!


an online platform that connects

   --  artists, crafters and hobbyists                     with

   --  customers that treasure handmade, soulful and local goods


Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic caused many bazaars and craft shows to be cancelled. Most of us artists and crafters rely on Holiday markets and shows for a majority of our income, they also give us a chance to show our talents and to connect to our customers. 

NEartha is a platform where crafters present their wares and talents and where customers who are looking for handmade, eco-friendly and soulful products and gifts can find those unique goods and connect to crafters. Some of them are even local! Check out who is close to you.


We all care deeply for the well-being of Mother Earth and all her diverse inhabitants. NEartha products are curated with Mother Earth in mind, our items are:

handmade, socially responsible, eco-friendly, supportive of developing countries and artists with disabilities/challenges, climate friendly, ...


A  win-win-win situation: 

  • By supporting small crafters, you, as the customer will make a real difference in an artist's life.
  • By connecting directly to the person who makes the goods you can get it at a great price, because there is no middle man and no additional marketing costs.  
  • These unique, wholesome items give true joy, to you and to the person that receives it as a gift.


Please recommend  to your circle of friends, family and contacts.

How about, in these unusual times, let's try and get ALL of our gifts from an individual artist and not from mass producers?!


Are you a crafter or an artist? Would you like to be part of our good family? 
We'd love to have you.      :-)
Click HERE  to learn more and join as  a seller .


We are just starting out and because the platform is in its early stages, we are offering it as a FREE service this Holiday season and until Valentine's Day 2021.