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Brigit True Organics  is taking a break and has closed its doors

A message from the president and founding partner, Brigitte Rau:

Dear lovely customers and connoisseurs of truly organic, wholesome, soulful and handmade skin care: we bid you farewell while we are taking a break. It has been a fabulous ride, meaningful and much fun, creating skin care that has been loved and needed by many. 



How it started

My husband and I started Organic Soaps And Balms  in 2001. After 18 years, we have closed up shop. We will be on a sabbatical, spending time with family in Europe. We are evaluating possibilities to re-invent the business. Even though we went from manufacturing in our home kitchen and selling on the farmer’s market to a commercial facility and selling nationwide, including at Whole Foods, we were not able to gain a supporting market share. 
[Do you have a connection to investors? Talk to them, let them know our email:  We'll be checking-in infrequently.]

All inventory has sold.

We know that  a number of our super-sensitive customers are searching for replacements for the Harry soap and body washes. Unfortunately we don't know of any other soap as gentle as ours. Feel free to post any results of your searches to our (niche) facebook page. 

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Thank you for your patronage, your trust and your encouraging words.

Love and peace,